About Me

Hi there, my name is Opi. I’m a Business Analyst by profession but my passion is running online businesses and helping others build their empires.

I’ve started and failed in many online ventures. But there are a few which have worked really well. During this journey, I’ve also spent thousands of dollars using various tools and software. A large portion of this blog is dedicated to providing you with an honest review of the tools I actually use or that I would recommend as they have worked well for me.

There are many tools which didn’t make the cut. Currently, I don’t have a list of these tools that I don’t recommend but in the near future, I will add a database of these software tools and software which I’ve tried but don’t recommend.

My recommended list of tools and software can be found here along with my bonuses. So even if you were going to buy this software anyway, you might as well buy using my affiliate link as you’ll get an amazing bonus. Typically, the bonus is delivered automatically but if for some reason this doesn’t come through, please shoot me a message.

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